Givenchy, Dior, and Forever 21.

Ever think you’d hear those names put together? Me either, until I found these sweet pants! They’re that silky suede material, faux of course, and are up to par with the look of my vintage, present shouldered Givenchy top. Totally digging the way the pieces mesh and create this chic look.

Who says you can’t mix luxury with fast fashion? I’m not sure, but if anyone did indeed say it, they’re wrong. My fave thing to do with my super high-end pieces is make them even more fabulous by adding a way less expensive piece. The piece in this look- dem pantz. And because, well, sometimes Forever 21 just as a great style I need to reel in and use!

Get the Look:
Givenchy top
Christian Dior jacket
Forever 21 pants
Zara shoes

How do you mix your designers? Though I would love to have a wardrobe existing of completely luxury items, those cheap staples are what makes wearing designer pieces that much more fantabulous!

Happy Monday!

xx -S

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