Custom Illustrations by Melsy’s Illustrations. Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

So you’ve seen a few of her illustrations on my previous posts, but now I bring to you- Melsy’s custom illustrations! Not sure if you’ve seen mine, but she drew me for my new column (publishing at the end of February btw!) and it came out absolutely amazing!

I’ve seen her other work too and she just honestly does a phenomenal job. She can draw anything and everything! Just check out her Instagram- she did Beyonce! For custom pictures, all she needs is an image of what you’d like drawn and a few details you may request. I requested a huge skirt and red lips, naturally.

Melsy charges depending on the number of people in your picture and how much detail there is to create. Check out some of her work here and see what she can do! If you want to get your lovely lady one of the best gifts she’s ever gotten, take my advice and have Melsy draw her! 

If you’d like a quote, simply send our girl the image and she’ll let you know how much it would be! You can find the contact through her Etsy listed above!

xx -S

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