StyleDahlia Custom Coffee Mugs. Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Ok, we all have those things we just can’t get rid of. Mine are shopping bags and flower pots. Every time my mom visits, she finds my bag stash and throws them all out. Hmph! Well let me tell you what she doesn’t get rid of- coffee mugs!!! She still has the World’s Best Mom cup (which she is), Winnie the Pooh, and more and more for every single holiday and season. That stay out all year.

I think it’s time to give hers and your coffee cup selections a revamping. If you agree, and feel that you just want to be extra special drinking out of your very own coffee mug every morning, check this out! Andrea from StyleDahlia is an amazing calligraphist and creates everything from coffee cups to champagne glasses to seating cards!

I am seriously obsessed with mine. She made me a beautiful Let’s Talk Twenties mug that I have used nonstop to drink anything and everything out of! This is the perfect gift for anyone that you want to show you love them. Or that you’re a really great gift giver. At $15, it’s a steal!

Thanks to StyleDahlia for making my morning coffee (/hot chocolate /milk /water /tea /mouth wash) even more stylish! 

xx -S

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