Oh My Sweet Potato!

This is honestly one of my favorite things to cook. Partially because it is very colorful and adds a beautiful look to any plate, but also because I always use a whole sweet potato so I have tons of leftovers!

All you need is a sweet potato, obviously, some dried cranberries, an apple and some walnuts. Like all of my recipes, you can make this your own. Use any other kind of fruit or nuts, or any other ingredients! Snowman cup not necessary.

First off, cut the potato into small cubes (the smaller you cut it, the faster it cooks!). I like to keep the skin on, but if it bothers you just cut it off! Boil the potato until you can easily cut it with a fork. Drain it and mash it up like the potato that it is.

While the potato cooks, dice up an apple. I used to love Fuji apples, until I was grocery shopping last week and they were all out. I decided to go with Braeburn and I think I have found my new favorite fruit. I leave the skin on the apple too. Once thats cut, chop up some dried cranberries so they’re not so big and the same with the walnuts.

I mix the apple and cranberries into the mashed sweet potato then plate it and sprinkle the walnuts on top. If you’d like, mix in a little cinnamon with the potato for more flavor.

Enjoy the colors, tartness of the fruit and sweetness of the potato. And nuttiness of the walnuts… I love this as any side dish or mixed in with quinoa as a meal! So versatile and so delicious!

xx -S

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