Matte About You

I am one who always has painted nails. I used to be seriously crazy about it. I mean, like, painting them every other day to always look their best. I have just about as many nail polishes as a nail salon and I am not ashamed. Recently, I’ve been getting a little bored of the basic, traditional nail look. I strayed a little from that and experimented with painters tape and doing all kinds of fun designs. It looks great, but it can be very time consuming.
I found this new Essie top coat called Matte About You that makes your nails have a matte look. It works just the same as a top coat and doesn’t take any more time to apply than a regular top coat. It gives nails a cool, sleek look and I am totally loving it right now!

You can find this at most drug stores that sell Essie, though I had to search a little for it. The color I used in these pictures is called Power Clutch by Essie. I just got it about a month or two ago so I’m sure it’s still in stores! Share your favorite nail looks with us on Instagram and tag us with #LetsTalkTwenties!
Happy Friday!
xx -S

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