Valentine’s Day Chocolate Treats

Need a last minute Valentine’s Day treat? Maybe you want to surprise your boyfriend, or your best friend, or bring something to your annual I-hate-Valentine’s-Day girl’s night. Try out this super quick, super delish chocolate recipe!

Don’t be scared. There’s no cooking, baking, sautéing involved. All you need to do is grab a few bags of chocolate pieces (Michael’s always has tons of colors and flavors!), a mold, and some sprinkles if you wish.

Start off by melting the chocolate in a small saucepan. Keep the temp very low, like a 2 out of 10, otherwise the chocolate will burn and get weirdly clumpy. If this does happen, you can make a comeback with more low heat. But I don’t suggest it. Just keep it low from the beginning.

Stir it with with a rubber spoon and make sure it melts evenly. Once it’s melted, pour it into the corner of a zip-lock bag. This is much easier with two people so one can hold and one can pour. Please be careful- the chocolate is very hot!

Cut the corner of the baggy off and start squeezing the choc into the molds. I have a heart mold. You can make this with any mold for any holiday. I find it works best to add the sprinkles to the top rather than pour chocolate over them. Put the mold in the freezer for about 10-15 minutes and do your next batch!

Each batch takes about ten minutes from start to finish. You can start melting your next batch as the previous one hardens. Also, if you want to add colors, I always do the lightest colors first so I don’t have to wash the pan in between. I started with white, then added red food coloring, then did dark. Easy peasy.

I had some extra chocolate left, so I made kisses too! 🙂

Side note: I find that the white chocolate doesn’t melt as smoothly as the milk or dark chocolate. Anyone know why? So very strange.. 

Show me your V-Day treat ideas on Instagram! And if you’re in search of a valentine, give me a holler- I’ll send you some of my little heart choc-o-lates!

xx -S

2 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Chocolate Treats

  1. Yumm! Now I'm craving chocolate! I agree about the white chocolate not melting as easily… when I made peppermint bark over the holidays, I burnt an entire bag of white chocolate chips. So annoying!


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