Jumpsuit and Dragoned Kimono

I never really got into the jumpsuit thing until recently. And by recently, I mean two weeks ago when I bought my first one from Marshalls (pictured below). I’ve never been able to find one that fits me right. More importantly, I’ve never found one that’s work the hassle of having to completely undress while in the ladies room, until now.

I went out for a friend’s birthday last weekend and I was so excited to wear this new piece. Piece as in one-piece, boom. However, one way I know that I’m getting old is that  when we walked into the club (I feel that I’m quite past my club-going days), I felt as if I was there as a babysitter in my onsie. Nonetheless, I felt grrrrreat in this and I will wear it frequently and hopefully not have any clubs in my foreseeable future.

Get the Look:
Colorblind jumpsuit from Marshalls
Vintage kimono from Housing Works
Armed & Readi necklace
Topshop shoes

Can we also discuss this sweet kimono-esque jacket? I saw it on the $5 rack at Housing Works, died, went to heaven, then returned back to my body. It was a sure thing that this guy belongs in my closet forever. Yeah, it’s a forever thing. Those Chinese symbols (which, by the way, does anyone know what they mean or how I can figure it out?!) and the fire-breathing dragon. AHHHH!! I love it.

Ps. Almost the last beach scene, I promise!! And I was obviously in a New York state of mind while I was packing; everything I brought is black! Yikes, I need more color in my life!

Happy Wednesday my beautiful babies!!

xx -S

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