Sequin Party Dress or Homemade Pillow Case? DIY!!

A few days ago, I was shopping around a thrift store. Shocking, I know. I saw a gold sequin something from across the store. It was like a spirit that was summoning me towards it. I walk-ran over to it to find a slinky little strapless party dress. Knowing that I’m past my club days, I said to myself, “what can we make with this??”

I bought it for $3.99, ran home like Charlie with my golden ticket (sequin dress), and spent .05 seconds thinking about what I was going to make. SEQUIN PILLOW CASE, derrrr. 

I grabbed one of my (too) many couch pillows and started measuring. It’s easiest to find a pillow small enough that you can cut the sides of the dress and simply sew around it rather than having to make a bunch of small panels.

I cut up both sides of the dress right on the seam. Since it was just two pieces of fabric sewn together, it was easy peasy. Lay each piece on the pillow to see where you need to sew.

I figured out the easiest way to make this sparkly accessory was to sew around three of the sides, just like any pillow case, and add some ribbon to hold the pillow in.

Here’s what you gotta do:

  1. Put the sequin pieces face to face, so you’re seeing the ugly back of the fabric.
  2. Sew around three sides, leaving one side open. Then cut the excess fabric close to the seam you’ve just made.
  3. Put your pillow in and see how you’re going to create the closing. Ribbons are easiest for me. Put pins where you want the ribbons. Note: if you’re feeling adventurous, use a zipper!
  4. Sew the ribbons, put your pillow in, throw it onto your couch like the throw pillow it is!

I’ve seen pillows like this retail for $50-60, even as much as $80+! Crazy when you think that you’ve made this out of a recycled dress!

That’s all for today on crafting with Let’s Talk Twenties! Have you ever made anything like this? Advice or tips for me? Comment below and show me your ways!

xx -S

One thought on “Sequin Party Dress or Homemade Pillow Case? DIY!!

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