Shelling, Boats, and Blossoms. & Something Exciting!

One of the best parts of my sunny vacation was a shelling excursion with my family. Captain Greg from the marina took us out on his boat to a secluded tiny island on the gulf side of Florida. We found some of the most amazing shells ever (as excitedly shown above..)!

Since I was in Florida, I figured the yellow daisies were more than appropriate, especially with this neony Equipment tank! Do you have your blossoms for spring yet? Hop on it gals!

Get the Look:
Equipment tank
J Brand shorts
Britts Blossoms headband
Chloé shades
Armed & Readi necklace & rings
Céline bracelet

Happy Monday!!

PS! Exciting things coming this week, likeeee…. THE DEBUT OF MY NEW COLUMN- Twenty-Something, Single, and New York City!! Comment below if you want a sneak peek! If at least ten of you let me know you want it, then you got it dolls!!

xx -S

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