Airplane Mode

Choosing what to wear for a flight is generally pretty easy. It needs to be versatile; will it be hot or cold on the plane? Are you leaving a cold destination and going to a warm one? Vise versa? There are a few things that are do’s and absolute don’ts for me. Please read on.


  • Wear something comfortable, but without looking like you’re going to bed
  • Be ready for anything (running through the airport because the line at security was sooo long, delayed flight and possibly missing your connection, etc.)
  • Wear enough jewelry to compliment your outfit without setting off the metal detectors
  • Apply make up and carry it on; recirculated air dries me out and washes me out. Yuck
  • Pack necessities in your carry on. Losing luggage? Not a good look, especially with your makeup and bathing suit!


  • Don’t wear yoga pants. I don’t care what angel tells you it’s ok
  • Don’t wear too much perfume
  • Don’t wear stilettos. Unless there’s paparazzi waiting for you
  • Don’t stuff your suitcase so full that it makes a scene putting in the overheads
  • Lastly, respect your neighbors and don’t talk their ears off. Unless he’s really cute and into it

For flight 1 down to Florida, I left late morning and knowing that I’d have a substantial car ride to Marco Island, I wanted to be comfortable. I wore super stretch jeans with a flowy top and my adorable (easy to walk or run in) buckle heels. I am aware that my necklace is large, but it’s super easy to take off right with my shoes through security.

Tip: The best way to plan footwear for cold-to-warm travel: wear cute heeled shoes with socks either the same color or contrasting. This way, you can take off your socks when you get in the warmer climate and still look great in both places!

Get the Look:
Vintage top from Housing Works
Target tank (for when I get too hot)
AG jeans
Topshop heels

For flight 2 back to New York, New York, I wore the same jeans and a new flowy black tank. Still comfortable but I switched up the shoes. Not because I wanted to, but because I bought way too many new wardrobe additions while in Florida and I had to wear my bulkiest items- sneaks. Womp. Kind of digging the look though! Cuff my jeans and wear shorty socks. Of course, my vintage Dior jacket for when it gets cold. Struggle city with my luggage- thanks for the help, mom.

Tip: Don’t buy too much while on vacation. This is advice for when you packed too much in the first place and if you live on a five-floor walk-up. Where’s my strong man when I need him? Also, if you’re looking for a bag that you can fit everything, check out the Louis Vuitton Neverfull. I packed all my extra things in there. Perfecto! Just be sure there’s no liquids! 🙂

Get the Look:
Tianello top
AG jeans
Reebok sneakers
Meraki Handmade layering necklace
Celine & Louis Vuitton carry-on’s

Lastly, I always travel with my great-grandmother’s Nefertiti necklace as a good luck charm. It helps me feel like she’s watching over me, especially when I’m up in the clouds with her!!! Do you have any good luck charms??

I hope you’ve all enjoyed reading about my vacation as much as I enjoyed the actual vacation. Though I’m sure most of you hated me while I posted pictures of fruity cocktails and palm trees, at least Spring is coming!

Stay fabulous!

xx -S

One thought on “Airplane Mode

  1. Great idea about the shoes. I never want to wear sandals in the snow when I leave or boots when I get into the warm weather


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