Bringing ’em back: SCRUNCHIES!

This one time, I interned with home furnishings. It was then that I discovered the wonders of silk and how amazing it is for your hair and skin. Since then, I have had nothing but silk on my bed. Some silk, some poly/rayon mix. Silk is hands down worlds better.

When I found Silk Hair Designs, I literally flipped my lid. Amazing pillow cases, but even more amazing scrunchies that I can wear every. single. day. Scoreeee!! They may look a bit 90’s, but come on, who didn’t love a good scrunchie?? The best part about these, other than the fun colors and sizes they come in, are they don’t leave a gross crease in your hair and they aren’t harsh on your locks.

I wear mine everywhere (they make great travel accessories, too!), and people at work are starting to call me Scrunchie. As in, “Hey Scrunchie, there’s bagels in the kitchen,” with a loving little head pat. Thanks, D. Anyways. These things are awesome, and if you’re looking for a wonderful pillow case to rest your sweet eyes and get some beauty sleep, check this place out (virtually)!

Scrunchies range from $10-12 and even come in sets. Pillowcases are $42 and well worth the investment. Trussstttt meeee!

Please do your hair a favor and check out Silk Hair Designs!!

xx -S

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