Interview With Stephanie From Let’s Talk Twenties

Success is defined by the goals you set for yourself and how achieve them. To me, my blog is successful when my readers are inspired to try new things and keep coming back to see what’s new everyday. 

To find out more about my life behind the scenes as a blogger and what’s to come for Let’s Talk Twenties, check out my inteview with Blogspotter!

Why did you want to target your blog toward twenty-somethings?
Twenty-somethings are the perfect target for me because I am one! I want to help expose my readers beyond the other blogs that feature out-of-reach luxury items with world travels and super high-end products. I do feature expensive pieces every now and then (secret: most of them are second-hand!), and I love to post them with less expensive items in the same look; whether they be from Goodwill or Forever 21. It’s all about how you style things together. I hope that I’m able to show other twenty-somethings, and girls as young as my tween little sister to women my grandmother’s age, that they can still be fabulous- even on a budget.

You blog about everything from food to fashion. Why did you want to cover so many topics?
I chose to write a lifestyle blog rather than just a fashion blog because while fashion is a huge part of my life, I’m also a pretty crafty gal and I’ve found a passion for cooking too! I also wanted to share parts of my life with my readers as lessons or what to or not to do. I’ve learned so much living independently and making the decision to leave New Hampshire. From what I’ve heard, people are pretty interested in hearing all about my life from different aspects, so that’s what I try to give them!

To see my whole interview, CLICK HERE!!

Let me know what you think!! Anything surprising? Exciting? Something you want to know more about? Comment below or email!

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xx -S

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