Butternut Squash Soup

The first time I made butternut squash soup, I was all kinds of excited about it. As usual, I made enough to bring to work for lunches for a few days. 

The day after I made it as I stood in line for the microwave around lunchtime; my boss and I discussed the soups we had. His, chicken noodle. Mine, butternut squash with apples and orzo. He said, “homemade?” I said, “obviously!” And he says, “so you mashed the squash and everything?” I felt ashamed that I used a box of soup from Trader Joe’s as a base. Still delicious.

I made crackers out of wonton wrappers too. Seriously recommended.

I decided to try it again using a half (real) butternut squash, the sweet potatoes I had, and a can of cream of chicken soup. Really good combo.

Cut up the squash and potatoes real small. The smaller you cut the quicker it cooks. Boil it in water for a few. Drain the water and pour in the can of soup. I added a little extra water too.

Let it cook down, then pour about 2/3 into a blender to make it more creamy and less chunky. I like a little chunk, which is why I only do some of it. After it’s blended, ad your tinily diced apple, skin on. Let it sit for a few, then it’s ready to serve!

Talk about an easy meal! To serve, I sprinkled a little cinnamon and some walnuts over the top. I also added some flax seeds, because why not! Put your own spin on it- add peas, celery, carrots. Anything you think would be tasty!

That’s all for today on cooking with Stephanie!

Happy Friday!!

xx -S

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