A Kimono For Me // A Kimono For You

Holy kimono. I stumbled upon this amazing vintage kimono at Rabbits in Brooklyn and felt a special connection with it. Maybe it was the fabulous length of it, maybe the fabric. Or maybe I just liked the beautifully painted shrimp on the inside. 

Fun fact: I was told by the sweet woman that owns Rabbits that when men would go to a tea house for a special event, their social status was determined by the painting on the inside of their kimono. The more intricate and colorful the design, the more attention the geisha should pay to him. Under$$$tand?  I found this to be so interesting and my love for this darling piece grew exponentially after learning this.

Fun fact: the sleeves in a kimono actually act as pockets. Women would put perfume bottles inside the sleeve to weigh it down for the swaying effect that I was trying (and slightly failing) to get above.

Is wearing it with the design on the outside too much like wearing Jimmy Choo pumps with a Burberry jacket and Chloe bag with Miu Miu shades on my head and Chanel earrings? Hopefully not, because that sounds dreadfully tacky. Please forgive me geisha, but this is too beautiful to keep hidden!!

Get the Look:
Vintage Kimono from Rabbits Brooklyn 
(she might even have more!)
Genetic leather pants
Topshop heels

What do you think of the kimono? Leave it for the tea house or love it for your own special day? I obviously say love the crap out it, then love it some more. Those sleeve pockets? Who even needs a purse?! Want me to hold your wallet? Igotchu.

Ps. The fact that this kimono is vintage and was literally brought here from Japan is the kewlest thing I’ve thought about all day.

Expand your horizons my sweet angel children.

xx -S

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