Shannon Needs Our Help!

Happy Friday my loves!!

This is something a little different than my usual posts. A sweet girl from my hometown in New Hampshire really needs our community’s help. I went to high school with Shannon and always looked up to her outgoing personality and great group of friends.

Shannon has a darling baby boy named Julian. He has the biggest blue eyes that just make you melt. Shannon was recently diagnosed with a rare eye disease called “VKH” (Vogt-Koyanagi-Harada Disease). This disease has taken Shannon’s eyesight from her which makes it impossible for her to work or do some of the fun things she used to with Julian.  While her doctors are not sure if this is permanent or not, she is considered legally blind as of right now and has a long road ahead of her. All money raised goes directly to Shannon and Julian.

Please consider donating to S & J. Think about how much you spend a week on buying coffee or lunches at work- even just a few dollars can help them! The link for more information is below.

If you know of someone going through a tough time that could use some extra help and prayers, send us an email to to help spread the word.

Shannon, we’re all thinking of you and Julian!!

xx -S

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