Bows & Blues

My latest obsession: BOWS!

When I stumbled upon Four Jays, my heart skipped a beat. It’s like, jewelry for my hair! Heck yes! They’re handmade out of leather and come in all sorts of sweet colors. My fave is the gold. 

The gold bow is the perfect finisher for this otherwise unexciting outfit. Of course the ruffles on my jacket and the baby skulls on my bag are fantastic, but the bow in my hurrr is like the cherry on top. Ps. I mixed tortoises on my necklace and sunnies. It was an accident, but I love it.

Get the Look:
BCBG jacket
Zara pants
Target tank & bag
Miu Miu sunglasses
Armed & Readi necklace

Other ways I’ve styled with my fave new accessory!!!::

What better way to start your week than with bows in my hair? (insert dancing girl emoji here).

Happy Monday!

xx -S

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