On Dates, We Wear Black

I was recently asked what I usually wear when I go on a date. My answer consisted of a few questions back: where are we going, am I going right from work, how much do I like him. All solid factors that influence what I decide to wear.

For a Saturday evening date, I would wear something that could easily transition from dinner-appropriate to best-friend’s-birthday-party-appropriate. You never know where the night will take you and I know I would need to dress for anything that could come Saturday night’s way.

I always gravitate to black. Shocking, I know. I’m trying to add more color to my wardrobe because I’m sure you guys are just as sick of seeing my not-so-diverse color range as I am. Anywho, for weekends and for dates, I like black with a tiny pop of color as a rule of thumb.

On my most recent date, I wore this LBD with a twist. Yes, it’s a little black dress, but it has a sheer silk dress over it! This stunner is made by J Brand (who knew they made dresses too!?) & is the perfect dress to wear when I need a versatile option.

For shoes, I kept it simple with Zara ankle strap heels, and my red and tan Celine clutch adds a sweet hue. Then, boom came the moto jacket to bring the overdressed look back down a notch. Keep jewelry minimal; it’s a proven fact that guys don’t understand the excitement of statement necklaces like we do, nor do they appreciate them.

Get the Look:
J Brand dress
H&M jacket
Zara heels
Celine clutch

If it’s a first date- I say black dress, sweet necklace or earrings, and shoes that you can comfortably walk in. Another option if you want to get outside the box a little, go with a loose tee, cute blazer and printed pants. I wear a lot of jewelry all the time, so I don’t feel a need to mask it. Ps. I actually snapped this picture last week on my way to a date! 🙂

Get the Look:
Theory tee
Calvin Klein vintage blazer
Genetic Denim jeans
Rag & Bone boots
Celine bag
Gas Bijoux jewelry

Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Stephanie@letstalktwenties.com

Happy Monday and cheers to a wonderful week ahead!

xx -S

2 thoughts on “On Dates, We Wear Black

  1. I have done Tinder. I'd say for me personally, it's tough to get to know someone well enough via messaging to know whether or not you want to go on a date with them.

    I much prefer meeting someone the old fashioned way- through friends, while I'm out, etc. I know it doesn't always happen like that for everyone and if you are able to meet someone you like on a dating site I think that's fabulous!!


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