Maxi Skirts and Stripes, Side of Celine

Ok, I’m starting to get into the Spring vibe. Well, kind of. I have a white vest that you might recognize from the fall. I rediscovered it during my spring cleaning sesh this past weekend and was all like, omg I remember this!

I got dressed with just the skirt and striped tee. It was kind of blah, so I went into my closet and found my beloved white vest!! Look- done.

Get the Look:
Nordstrom skirt
Burberry top
Zara vest
Burberry shoes
Celine bag & cuff
Chapter III Creations bangles
Gas Bijoux earrings

By the way, I’d like you all to know that somehow I managed to scratch my bag with my heel during this photo session. Luckily, the scratch is pretty unnoticeable, but like seriously? It looks like my heel was magnetically attracted to my bag.. 

I love using jackets and vests as an outfit addition. Of course an outfit can still look complete without one, but it adds a much more unique touch to it! Dontcha think?!

Happy hump day babes! Thanking goodness for this ~.finally.~ beautiful weather!!!

xx -S

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