Silk, Stories, and High Ponies

Some of you might wonder when and where I take my pictures. Well, to be honest with you, I usually have my good friend Liz take them during the day. We go outside and I usually tell her a story while she snaps a hundred pictures. I walk back and fourth, she does some close-ups and some accessory shots.

By now, she knows what she’s doing and what I like. I say she does a pretty good job, agreed?

I like these pants with a bit of a longer, more detailed shirt because the front of them is a bit plain. Of course this top certainly does the trick; button down front made of silk, sheer back and amazingly puffed sleeves. What more can a girl ask for?! Light pink top with orange shoes? Obviously!! Because why not??

Get the Look:
Elizabeth and James top
Anthropologie pants
Zara boots
Gas Bijoux earrings
Ray Ban sunnies

You guys, it’s Thursday. Do you know what that means?? Tomorrow is Friday!!!! We made it, yay! Also, I tried octopus last night for the first time. Though my only thing was to not have to look at, so, naturally, it was fed to me. But, totally delish! 🙂

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xx -S

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