Coconut Oil, Part II: Oil Pulling

Fad or new favorite beauty must-have? Coconut is popping up all over the place with so many amazing uses. If you haven’t gone down to Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods (or any other grocery store) to get yourself a jar, then you have a serious void in your life.

I wrote a while back about coconut oil uses for your hair. I still do this routinely at least once a week and it makes my hair feel spectacular. I recently saw a tweet from my friend Courtney saying : “I’m in love with coconut oil. So great for skin, hair, and teeth.

I was all… your teeth?! Then she was like “yeah! It’s called oil pulling!”

Apparently it’s a hot new, and delicious smelling, way to keep your teeth and gums super healthy. It even whitens your teeth and reduces plaque astronomically! Since I already had a jar for other beauty uses, I sprinted five feet to my bathroom and grabbed my haircare-turned-oralcare product!

Here’s what you gotta do:
1. Grab a small spoonful of the still-hard oil from the jar
2. Put it in your mouth and let it dissolve
3. Swish it around for about 20 minutes
4. Spit into the trash, not your sink unless you live with a plumber
5. Rinse your mouth out with warm water


  • Don’t do it in the shower. I did it like this first (trying to kill two birds with one stone) and it gave me the heeby jeebies.
  • Try to relax your cheeks, otherwise your face will hurt like the first time you met your boyfriend’s mother.
  • Occupy yourself while doing it. Wash dishes or pick up the wardrobe hurricane that spun through your room.
  • Plan a time that you are able to be silent for 20 minutes. Just like when you get a manicure. You don’t touch anything, right?
  • Lastly, do not swallow! This oil is full of crazy bacteria that just came from the depths of your gum crevices. You don’t want that in your belly, neither does your doctor.

I’m still a beginner at this, so if you have any wonderful tips or tricks for oil pulling, do share! And for more great uses for coconut oil, check out Wellness Mama’s post on 101 Uses for Coconut Oil!

Ps. I just oil pulled while writing this. I also feel that you should know I had a garlic kale salad for dinner and the garlic taste is almost gone from my mouth. Though now it kind of tastes like garlic flavored coconut. Weird? Hmmm.

Happy Tuesday and stay healthy my lover bees!

xx -S

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