Cloudy Days With Kate Spade

I’m not letting a few clouds rain on my parade today! Even though my bottom half looks like the sky (grey), I’ve still got a little color and a big old smile to brighten my day up! 😀

If this isn’t a prime example of colorblocking, then I don’t know what is. Luckily, this top takes care of it all for me. Mostly black, white neckline, YELLOW CUFFS! Boom, it’s done.
Tops like this are great, though they can be a bit confusing to wear. I decided to do a totally neutral bottom to accentuate the top. I’m kind of loving all the solids together.

Yes, my jacket is also grey..

Get the Look:
Black Fleece by Brooks Brother jacket
Kate Spade top
Genetic jeans
Chanel shoes
Chapter III Creations bracelets
Gas Bijoux earrings

So to you, Mr. Sun, I say come on out and play because I need a bit more color in my life!

Ps. You guys, if seeing a teeny tiny mouse in your apartment makes you a New Yorker, then, as of 1:03 am, I am a New Yorker!! Though I was told by my mother that I cannot name him, he will not be my pet as my landlord is removing him as we speak.


xx -S

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