Springtime Bridal Shower Attire

I ventured back to my home town in New Hampshire this past weekend for my cousins bridal shower! I was super excited for it, but when the time came to leave for the shower, I realized I totally couldn’t wear the black skull tee and dark red maxi skirt that I had packed- as per my mother’s face when I walked out to the kitchen.

Thankfully, I still have a few things in the closet in my old room. Now, let me tell you ahead of time that there’s a few pairs of straight up bell bottoms and some gaudy tops in there. But I wear them in good spirits when I’m home because I can still fit into them, yay!

Anyways, this dress is a home-closet treasure. It’s actually from when I studied abroad in London and I lived in it all through my Italia tour afterwards as well. I love this dress, but let me tell you something that it’s not good for: windy days in the city. Which is why I keep it at home, so I can wear it to indoor gatherings and such. 

So smahht. 

And if you haven’t already noticed, I’m so obsessing over tassels. After the shower, my fam and I ventured to Newburyport, MA where I stumbled upon an adorable shop called Pretty Poppy. This bracelet was to be mine since before I even knew about this store.

Get the Look:
Orion London dress
Dior jacket
Zara boots
Loeffler Randall bag
Gas Bijoux earrings
Pretty Poppy bracelet

You guys, have the most wonderful Monday and a fabulous and productive week!


Quick history lesson: Cinco de Mayo, ( Spanish: “Fifth of May”) , also known as the Anniversary of the Battle of Puebla,  national holiday in Mexico in honour of a military victory in 1862 over the French forces of Napoleon III.

xx -S

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