For the Love of Maxi Skirts. And Comfort.

OH, for the love of maxi skirts!

My mother recently said, “I don’t feel like getting dressed today. Do you mind if I just wear sweatpants out?”

I let out a silent shriek and said, “Why, mother! How about a nice maxi skirt instead? They hide everything you feel like hiding and it’s much more public-appropriate than sweatpants!”

And so she did.

Some days just require being comfortable, and today is certainly one of those days. Half way through the week and wishing it was Friday since Monday.

One thing to note with a maxi, whether it be a skirt of a dress, keep your proportions in mind. If the skirt is long and not fitted, keep the jacket cropped and not so baggy to remind others that you do, in fact, have a body somewhere in there.

If the skirt is long and tight, go crazy with a top. Within reason, you guys.. 

For an extra dose of comfort, add a pony and some sneaks.

Keep jewelry subtle and classy, per usual. A fave of mine- this Hysteric Co. necklace paired with pearl studs!

Get the Look:
Susana Monaco dress
Gap Kids jacket
Chloe bag
Superga sneaks
Hysteric Co. necklace

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just spend everyday in Central Park under these beautiful trees?

That’s all for me loveys! Happy Wednesday!

xx -S

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