ANNOUNCEMENT! Let’s Talk Twenties: The View from the City

Enough with the teasers already!


OMGAAAHHH I’m so excited about it!!

So, my friends over at Darling Be Darling have the absolutely most adorable website. It’s literally one of the sites I check on the daily to see what’s new and what kinds of amazing things they’re doing. They talk about everything from gossip to DIY to being healthy and fashion!

I’ve been working with them recently to create the perfect combination of LTT & Darling Be Daring for a sweet collaboration. Then came:

It’s launching today and will be live for all your questions about anything you’ve ever wanted to know. Guys, you know all about me. I mean, come on. You read about my life everyday! I’m going to answer any kind of questions you have; from date outfits or suggestions on how to wear stripes with polka dots to fun craft to do on a girl’s night!! I want to tell you everything I know and that you want to know and now I can!!

Simply shoot an email to and you’ll get an answer!!

Check out here and ask away my curious little bunnies!!

I hope you’re as excited as I am!!

xx -S

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