Matchy in Armed & Readi and SoHo // More Exciting NEWS!

Announcement overload. 
Read on, and on to see what else I have in store for yasss!!

Ok. I’m not usually one for this matchy matchy color sitch. Today, it kind of just happened. This, my friends, is what we call ~*layering*~. I pretty much got dressed with my eyes closed and this was the outcome. I also must say, this door compliments it quiteee well!

Really the only thing that’s exactly the same color are my tank and bag. Not toooo bad, I guess! But I’m still not completely sold. And! I didn’t notice until I was running out the door and grabbed my bag. Womppp. I dig it though. Yeah!

Get the Look:
Calvin Klein vintage jacket
Haute Hippie top
Target tank
AG jeans
vintage boots
Chloe bag
Armed & Readi necklace


I have really great news for those of you in the New York City area!! If you’re obsessed with my necklace, and well, most of my jewelry, Armed & Readi is having a summer bash next Monday, May 19th!

The best part, it’s an open invite!! Tell your friends, friends friends, and friends friends parents. Even their aunts! Bring anyone you’d like, check the deets HERE!

Lastly, I’ll be launching my very first collection with Armed & Readi at the party!! I can’t wait to show you all my faves from A&R!

Shoot me an email if you have any questions!

Happy Tuesdayyyyy!

xx -S

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