10 Summer Must-Haves Under $15

Summer is rapidly approaching; each day that passes is one day closer to summer Fridays and rooftop cookouts. Regardless of where you live, there are a few things that are absolute must-haves for for everyone this summer to keep your sanity and keep that summertime sadness away (cc: Lana). 

Without further adieu, here is my list:

1. Bright Yellow Nail Polish : $15
     I recently signed up for Glossy Box and in my very first box, I received an amazing yellow color called Big Yellow Taxi. I’m seriously obsessed with it and I can’t get enough. Find it HERE!

2. Seasonal Travel Cup : $8.50
     Last summer, I don’t think I would have survived my morning commute with my big travel cup of iced water. I drank my hot coffee while getting ready, but my uphill walk to the subway when it’s 80 degrees and humid as the jungle just doesn’t call for hot coffee. Plus, it’s important to keep hydrated! Find them HERE!

3. Mirrored Sunglasses : $15
     A day that I forget my sunglasses is like a day that I forget my phone or to wear pants. Something of that nature. Even if the sun isn’t really out, I love wearing my sunglasses because (confession!) I like to look at people more than what is comfortable for them and sunglasses hide my eyes. What a creep! If you haven’t heard, mirrored sunnies are the way to go this summer and Armed & Readi has us covered! Find them HERE!

4. Coconut Oil : $5.99
     For everything. Coconut oil is a natural hydrant for your hair and skin, and it can even be used to pull toxins from your mouth and gums! And, I guess you can use it for cooking too.. I buy mine at Trader Joe’s, but you can use any coconut oil! To see how I use it, check the links above. Find it HERE!

5. Facial Exfoliant : $12.99
     Sweat. Dirt. Makeup. Ew, ew, ew!!! Girls!! We need to wash this all away!! It’s yucky and we do not want it on our skin! After receiving a wonderful facial last week, I was told I need to be exfoliating more. EEK! I used to think of it as scraping skin off my face with the harsh exfoliants I’ve tried, but this one from Ulta by Mineral Fusion is amazing, smells great, and my skin is still fully in tact and smooth! Find it HERE!

6. Silk Scrunchies : $10
     My hair usually lives in a ponytail during the summer. Guys just don’t understand how hot our hair makes us and sometimes it’s just better for everyone that it goes up. What better way can you think of to tell your hair that you love it than pampering it with luxurious silk scrunchies? Also, totally not 80’s anymore. They’re coming back ya’ll! Find them HERE!

7. Miss Jessie’s : $14
     For the days that my hair just refuses to do anything but curl on it’s natural self, I always run to Miss Jessie’s products. It’s newly discovered to me, but is sold all over the place now! Honest to the heavens, it is the best product I’ve ever tried for my natural curls. Get it HERE!

8. Stacking Bracelets : $15
     I wear lots of jewelry. It’s a known fact and if I haven’t conveyed that enough to you, let me know and I’ll stack more on!! Happily, of course. Bracelets are among my favorite kinds of jewelry, as well as earrings, necklaces, rings, etc, and I love these because they’re easy to stack and go with everything. They’re made from guitar strings and get less expensive with the more you buy. Irresistible! Find them HERE!

9. Bikini : $4.95 each
     Is summer complete without a new bikini to rock with that freshly toned beach bod? The answer is obviously no!! And with H&M’s totally affordable bikini’s, you can get one for everyday of the week. Sadly, most of us will not look like Gisele while wearing it, but I’m happy being a lady of 5’4! Get it HERE and HERE!

10. Fresh Flowers : prices vary!
     At any given time, you will find fresh flowers in my apartment. Flowers make your home feel like home, as long as you aren’t allergic. And you can buy them anywhere! I always buy mine wither from the grocery store or from a deli on the street. I don’t usually spend more than $10 on them because, well, they die. But treat yourself once in a while because you’re stinking special and you deserve it!

What do you think; anything you can’t live without this summer from my list? Or, even more importantly, did I miss anything? What are you must-haves for the upcoming summer sun? 

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to be spending my days laying on the beach sipping a cold beverage in my new bikini and rocking my sunnies so I can creep on people. Ugh! So weird..

Happy Thursday!! 

xx -S

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