6 Things You NEED This Weekend

Ah, the sweet, sweet weekend and start to the long awaited summer Friday’s. Yayyayyayyay!!

Some of you may be traveling this weekend and I’ve put together a list of things you need! Check itttt:

1. Not Your Mother’s Texturizing Sea Salt Spray

Who wants to deal with having perfectly straight or curled hair while you’re sipping a drink, hopefully in the sun by a pool. This beach babe hair product is amazing at giving that I-don’t-care look and keeps you looking cool and collected. Get it HERE!

2. Night Time Moisturizer

Though a solid night cream should be part of your everyday routine anyways, if you spend the weekend in the sun enjoying a few beverages, your skin will need hydration more than ever! Try this Mario Badescu Seaweed Night Cream HERE!

3. Britt’s Blossoms, duh!

No summertime holiday weekend is complete without flowers all up in your hair girls! Britt’s Blossoms has tons of pretty petals that are guaranteed to make you the star of the party! All colors, all shapes and sizes- see above. Um, hashtag filter. – get them HERE!

4. Coffee

Need I say more?

5. Reading Material

Have you checked out my new advice column yet? It’s so fun and Darling Be Daring is absolutely adorable. Definitely another fun site you’ll easily become addicted to. See my column on DBD HERE!

Ps. shoot me an email about anything at all: Advice@letstalktwenties.com

6. Tons of Fun JEWELRY!

Holidays are the best time to accessorize! More is more my friends; let’s bedazzle it up girls!

And guess what!! 


Chapter III Creations wants to give you a set of these babies!! 

Two ways to enter: Comment below with one of the things listed above that you totally agree with and subscribe to LTT to the right OR head over to LTT’s instagram and repost the picture with the directions provided (you’ll know which one)!

Winner being chosen tomorrow, Friday night and we’ll totally inform ya! NOTE: if you comment below, you must leave your email, otherwise how will I know it’s you!? 🙂

Good luck and safe travels for those dipping out a day early!

xx -S

One thought on “6 Things You NEED This Weekend

  1. Love this post! The salt spray and bracelets are amazing (and everything else)! I just read your advice column – fabulous!!! Now I know where to go for answers to all my problems 🙂


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