Some Days, You Just Need to Wear a Jumpsuit

Not that I’m saying I don’t love the heat and sunshine, but sometimes a gal just needs to wear a black one-piece! YaknowwhatImean? Also, will you judge me if I say I’m not quite ready for summer yet because I still have so many spring jackets I haven’t worn yet?
Like, fringe and studs. Wowwww. Elvis, my great, great, step uncle would be proud. Just kidding, we’re not related. Or are we? 🙂
Next obsession: my new Jeffrey Campbell shoes! Amen.

Get the Look:
Forever 21 jumpsuit
H&M jacket
Jeffrey Campbell shoes
Southern Bauble Co fringe bracelets
Gas Bijoux earrings

I will remain hopeful that we still have a few days like today left. Meaning days that I can still wear a light jacket and get a hot coffee. But to you summer, I say bring it on!
Happy Wednesday!
xx -S

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