1 Year of LTT: Day 4 Giveaway

What the world needs is more compassionate people. More people like my gal Margaux, founder of Karma for a Cure. Our next giveaway is brought to you by her because she’s just stinking awesome.

Karma for a Cure sells t-shirts with hand-drawn designs (by Margaux) on them and proceeds from the tees benefit a charity related to the picture. So kEwL!! And she’s like, seriously good at designing. She also has adorable head-chains (below!) and uber-trendy headbands!

Well, let’s get to it, shall we? Margaux wants to give one of you her very special 
Creme Free Spirit 
tees that benefit Calais Foundation, a charity that works with children with autism. This girl has got it together!! Snaps for Marg!

Multiple ways to enter:
~~*Subscribe to Let’s Talk Twenties to the right (if you already are subscribed, you’re entered!)
~~Like the Karma picture on our Instagram
~~Share this contest on FaceBook (be sure to tag @letstalktwenties so we know!)
~~Comment below with your fave of these tees

****You must be subscribed to LTT to win****
You may enter all ways for extra chances to win

*Winners will all be announced on Saturday, June 7th (LTT’s birthday!)!

Here are a few others from Karma that I loveeeee:::

Andddd the head-chains!

Alright gals, now’s the time! Subscribe over to the right to enter. 
ALSO! Margaux wants to give you 15% off your purchases from Karma for a Cure with code: KARMA at checkout!!

Enjoy my sweet lovers!

xx -S

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