The Game

Whether we admit it or not, when it comes to our love lives, we all play. I hate playing the game; I prefer to be straight forward. I either like you or not. If I do, then you know it. If I don’t, well you’ll know it soon enough. Hopefully.
What is the game you ask? The game is waiting at least 20 minutes to answer a text. It’s him asking you out for a Thursday, and you suggest Wednesday instead just so you don’t seem too available. It can be posting an Instagram picture of two wine glasses so he’ll see it and wonder who you’re with. The game can be played numerous of ways, depending on what outcome you’re searching for.
The only, well not only, bad thing about the game is when you lose. He waits 45 minutes before answering you. He’s busy Wednesday. He sees your best friend posted the same picture. But I wonder, is it a bad thing to lose the game? It might seem like the end of the world at the time, but if he isn’t willing to play the game back, then what’s the point of playing at all? If you give in too soon and he doesn’t chase, well my dear, he’s not worth your time. And to be brutally honest, it’s a clear sign that he’s just not that into you (insert friend hug here).
I once chased a guy all over Manhattan via BBM (back in 2011 when Blackberry’s were still a thing). It took me quite a while to realize that he was taking hours to answer my texts because he just wasn’t into it. If only I had known that then instead of making myself look like a stalker. It happens, then you move on.

Find the full article HERE! (Page 34-35!)

Let me know your thoughts!! I’m so excited for article number two and I hope you all love it!! 🙂

xx -S

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