Drinking Wisely with The Owls Brew

It’s Wednesday and we’re at work. That means in a few hours it’ll be Wednesday night and we won’t be at work. Do you know what happens on Wednesday nights? 
Happy hour with Owls Brew at BFB in the Meatpacking District! Duhhhh!

You won’t find me anywhere else on a Wednesday after work. And why would I go anywhere else? BFB offers 5 cent Owls Brew drinks!!! Yeah, you heard (read) it! 5 CENTS! Ok, so maybe it’s only your first one, but it’s still stinking amazing and super fun and they have other great specials too.

Are you wondering what the heck Owls Brew is? Well, should you decide to google it, it is 
The Owls Brew 
and not just Owls Brew (which is located in Singapore). Hmph. The Owls Brew is a “tea crafted for cocktails” and believe me, it makes darn great cocktails!!

I also hear BFB’s burgers are the Best eFfing Burgers around. Have you put two and two together yet? Yes, that’s what it means.

So boys and girls, I’d better see you all at BFB to celebrate Owls Brew and their fab cocktails! Where else do you have to be?!

xx -S

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