Night Blossoms & Red Bottoms

Yes, it’s summer. That means I will be wearing my BrittsBlossoms day and night. Usually when I go out at night, I tend to wear mostly black. Blossoms are still the best way to make any outfit more summery, even if you’re not wearing all black 🙂

Let’s also just discuss boyfriend jeans for a moment. Like, how am I just discovering them?? I always felt like they’d make my legs look bigger than they are, so I never gave much attention to them. 

Then I spun my life away at a SoulCycle class and was having a total skinny day so I decided I’d try them on. It was love before the button and zipper were even buttoned and zipped.

boyfriend jeans + heels (+/- crop top) = new summer uniform

Get the Look:
Equipment top
Gap jeans
Chloe bag
Louboutin heels
Celine cuff

If you’re still putting off the boyfriend jean trend, I urge you to just try a pair on. Play around with them and see what you can put them with to make an easy, chic and comfortable summer look!

Note: in my opinion, baggy boyfriend jeans look best with pair with a tailored-fit top or a front-tuck. You don’t want to look like you’re wearing your boyfriend’s entire wardrobe, right? Right!

Happy FRIDAY!!!

xx -S

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