Boyfriend Shorts, Boyfriend Shirts

Ah, this is the face that gives many people the assumption that I’m a mean, angry person when they first meet me. This is otherwise known as bitch face, and I’m working diligently to stop. But it’s like, my face. However, in this situation, it’s my I-hate-shorts face. Simply because, I do in fact, hate shorts.

I have never liked shorts. Even from when I was little, I remember wearing shorts and just feeling uncomfortable and self conscious in them. I definitely prefer a cute dress or flowy skirt! 🙂 But, I gotta switch it up from time to time. So, thanks Gap, for getting me in a pair of shorts.

Can we please note how fab these bracelets are? The bow, obv by our friends at FourJaysBows and those adorbbbb tassel bead bracelets from our friends at Southern Bauble Co!

Get the Look:
Gap top and shorts
FourJaysBows bow bracelet
Southern Bauble Co tassel bracelets
Gas Bijoux earrings
Christian Louboutin shoes

You guys, I have great news. It’s summer, and kind of almost Friday! Who’s with me?!

Too soon?

Happy Friday Tuesday!!

xx -S

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