What the Heck Am I Going To Wear? [July 4th Edition]

Hey, so today is July 1st. Happy July. Seriously though, where the heck did June go? Is that a total girl thing to say? Oh well, it seems like two days ago that I was so excited it was May and finally starting to get warm out!

Anyways, July 1st. That means in three days, it’s JULY 4TH! So exciting! I hope everyone has a wonderful place to watch the fireworks! Me? I’ll be in beautiful Newport, RI watching fireworks over my future mansion.

That brings us to the question of the day: what the heck and I going to wear?! Well, simply read on.

1. You need a fab straw hat. This one is by Sensi Studio and can be found HERE!

2. Have you heard about Cambiami sandals? Totally amazing, crazy comfortable, and will go with anything because they have tons of uppers to choose from! I’m so obsessing with these right now! Find out more about Cambis HERE!

3. Doesn’t everyone need red, white and blue star hair clips? YES!! I can’t wait to show these babies off while I dance in my own patriotic parade. Check out Four Jays Bows HERE!

4. Red, white and blue nails. Duh. Really Red, Urban Jungle, and Butler Please. I know you know where to find these. Note: I searched for weeks for Urban Jungle to come out after getting it at a salon and became obsessed to the point where I was going to Duane Reade daily. Alas, we are united.

5. Beach vaca? Don’t forget a baseball hat to protect your beauteous face from those bright rays. Also, this sack is my life. Life is Good and Happy Hour all in one. How do they know me so well?! Find the bag HERE and the hat HERE!

6. Lastly, pretty much anything with an American flag will do. Just don’t try to wear it if it’s still hanging. Might be a bit tough. And awkward.

And with that, I leave you with this: no matter what you’re wearing, you’ll still be totally fab. Just more fab if your nails are a pattern of red, white and blue. Be sure to follow us on Instagram to keep up with the latest 4th fashion at @LetsTalkTwenties!

Ps. Happy birthday to LTT’s fab intern Kim! xoxoxo

xx -S

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