"You Look So Patriot Chic" in My RW&B

If you don’t get excited about the wonderful things in life, then what the heck is the point of doing fun things? I find that when I build up anticipation around holidays, vacations, or even going on a date, it’s always much more enjoyable. Don’t you agree? 

I try to get everyone around me as into holidays as possible. Since this week is Independence Day, aka 4th of July, I decided the most (work)appropriate way to get myself pumped up for it was to wear redwhiteandblue every day of the work week. Even the big boss noticed and said “you look so… patriot chic today!” I obviously took it as a compliment!


A man walked through my picture, so that’s the face he got ^^^

Get the Look:
Forever 21 dress
Nicholas Kirkwood shoes
Armed & Readi necklace
Louis Vuitton bag


These can be considered shorts, right?

Get the Look:
Michael Stars tank
Sandro shorts
Forever 21 vest
Target shoes
Great grandmother’s Nefertiti necklace


I asked the fruit man if I could take a picture in front of his fruit. He said something that I think was yes. So we did, then he asked Liz to take a picture of me and him. We did. It was a very awkward experience, he got very close to me, and I won’t be showing you the picture because he creeped me out. Weirdo. But I do love fruit.

Get the Look:
Forever 21 tank
Vintage skirt
Armed & Readi necklace
Cambiami sandals

I hope you all find ways to get excited about pretty fireworks, cookouts, and probably beer. What’s everyone up to this weekend? Holler if you’re in Newport, RI!

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xx -S

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