20 Things To Do in Your 20’s: Featured on Darling, Be Daring

If you’re looking for travel entertainment, check out my newest article for Darling, Be Daring! I recently reflected on my four and a half short years in my twenties, and I came up with a solid list of twenty things that I’ve done, want to do, and still need to do before I turn 30.

Here are a few of them, and to see the full list, click HERE to find it on DBD’s adorable site!

_take a road trip
_wear lipstick
_go to a music festival
_take care of your teeth and skin
_ask your grandparents as many questions as possible
_date as many people as possible (but don’t give it away to them all)
_develop a great relationship with your mother

Have a request of something you’d like to see from me on Darling, Be Daring or Let’s Talk Twenties? Email me at Stephanie@LetsTalkTwenties.com!

I wish you all safe travels and have a wonderful 4th!

xx -S

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