Mrs. Vanderbilt = 7 OOTD’s __ Me = 1 OOTD | The Breakers

As I got out of the car and walked towards the entrance for the Breakers, all that was on my mind was “I don’t care how hot it is and how cranky everyone is, I need to take pictures here!” So we did. On the sidewalk, in the garden, in front of the mansion, on the side of the mansion. All but in the mansion, because photography and video are not allowed.

For those of you who haven’t heard of the Breakers, it’s a fabulous mansion previously built and owned by the Vanderbilt family a century ago. The detail and excessiveness of decor go far beyond anything I could ever imagine. If you’re ever in the Newport, RI area, a mansion tour is highly suggested.
Just be advised, 11 year olds won’t be as impressed with the tour as you will be.

Get the Look:
Monteau top
Gap Sexy Boyfriend jeans
Olivia Harris bag
Gas Bijoux earrings
Cambiami shoes

So as I sit at my desk in my apartment that has about 62 less rooms than this little old house, I am equally as happy now as Mrs. Vanderbilt was in her mansion. Why? Well, simply because I have air conditioning. Amen.

xx -S

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