Crop Job | Night Out

Have you ever worn a crop top? Have you ever taken a picture with someone then wanted to crop them out? I’ll let you decide which I’m referring to here.

The debut of my new hair; I don’t want to call it ombre because I’ve already had that then gone back to my natural color. I’m not a fan of coloring my hair- I realized a few years ago that I could either have long hair or colored hair. I chose the former.

One of the things on my Summer Bucket List was to do something different with my hair. I went to a salon and said, let’s do something fun and somewhat natural looking. This is what happened. And I must say, I sort of love it!

“What, this hair? No, I didn’t do anything to it; this is natural!” L. O. L.

Get the Look:
Zara top
3.1 Philip Lim skirt
Topshop heels
Hysteric Co. necklace
FourJaysBows bracelet

This is my “What? It’s not Friday?” face. How’s yours looking right about now? Luckily, we’ve almost made it through the week and the weekend is only a short time away. Man, I do wish every weekend was a long one!

xx -S

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