"Nice Orange Boots." and Prints

Ya know how some people just don’t get it? Like, guys in particular? When I go out to meet friends after work and I feel like I look super cute mixing my stripes and prints with a bold color shoe and Liz’s sunnies? Then a dumb guy comes along and says with a smirk, “Nice orange boots” after staring at them for at least three minutes.

Then I’m all like, THANK YOU. Because even though you’re stupid, my orange boots are stinking sweet. And he still bought me a drink, so it looks like they grew on him.

Get the Look:
Burberry vintage top
vintage skirt
MaxMara necklace
Loeffler Randall bag
Zara boots
Ray-Ban sunglasses

Mixing prints and patterns are so fun and you can get any kind of look. Just make sure they contrast rather than doing two similar prints. Then you might be playing with fire..

Happy Tuesday my loves! Do something special for yourself today. 🙂

xx -S

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