Feeling Like a 50’s Chick // Vintage Jewelry

A few weeks ago, I was home in New Hampshire and finally found the time to go treasure hunting. My sweet great-grandmother passed away when I was a senior in high school and I still love poking around her attic to see what treasures of hers I can discover again.

When I was younger, the things I found this time around didn’t have the same value then that they have to me now. I found amazing glassware, a darling jewelry box, and some fabulous costume jewelry. 

These white necklaces are not much more than a few strings of plastic beads layered as I imagine she would have worn them. When I put them on with this outfit I immediately felt like I was transported back in time. 

I can picture my nanny wearing this outfit (probably with a more conservative top) back in the 50’s when she hung around the town center with her friends. From what I hear, she was a total motorcycle babe – that must be when I get my love for bikes from 🙂

Get the look:
Target tank
Forever 21 skirt
Zara heels
Vintage necklaces
Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 bag

The best way to wear a calf-length skirt like this is with a heel. It gives you a little height and will make your legs look like they go on forever. In this case, I wore the skirt with a black top and black heels so the focus would stay on my accessories and draw attention to the color of my skirt.

I do love vintage jewelry, and it means so much more to me when it comes from within my family. Do any of you have precious jewelry from your elders? Share them below or tag us!

Happy Monday my darling loves!

xx -S

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