A Black and White Kind of Day

Well hello to you darling and happy Wednesday! Are you so happy that the week is just about halfway over?? I know I am! So happy, in fact, that though I’m looking back all I see is the weekend ahead!

Some days I just don’t want to be bright and black and white are the way to go. I make it exciting by adding a pop of color on the lips and in the shoes. That necklaces certainly doesn’t hurt either!

I had the LBD on with the necklace but still felt it needed another element. I scoured around my closet and stumbled upon this perfect white vest I got |onsale| at Zara last fall. It was definitely one of my top 10 best Zara purchases if you ask me!

Vests are sometimes overlooked, but they’re so perfect to add over a dress or tee to give it a whole new look.

Get the Look:
Bloomingdales dress
Zara vest and boots
Natasha necklace and bracelet
Armed & Readi rings

Happy happy hump day! Grab another coffee and let’s get through the rest of the week with a smile and cheer!

xx -S

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