Just Be // Sunday Brunch

While in New Jersey over the weekend, I mentioned my friends and I were going to brunch the next day (Sunday). The response I got, from a native New Jersey man, was, “You New Yorkers always go to brunch. What’s so good about brunch?”

Simply put, brunch is fabulous because it’s breakfast that’s acceptable to eat after noon, there’s champagne involved, and it is best served around a table of best friends and lots of laughter. 

In my morning feeling-free and happy mood, I naturally gravitate towards my inspirational, made-for-Sunday tees from Life is Good. Just Be is currently the state of my life. Living, experiencing, and learning. Is that not what your twenties are for?

Get the Look
Life is Good tee
Zara skirt
Armed & Readi necklace
Southern Bauble Co. bracelets
Celine bag
Chanel flats

Happiest Monday to you all. And remember at the end of the day, all you need to do is just be. 

xx -S

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