Let’s Talk About Grouper [GroupDating]

As an attempt to get my recently-single gal pal out of a small funk, my other single friend and I decided we’d sign up for a Grouper. For those of you that don’t know, please see conversation between my mother and I below. If after reading that, you still don’t understand, please close this window now.
*names have been changed to protect identity

Me: I’m going on a Grouper with Becky and Amanda*

Mom: What’s Grouper?

Me: One person signs up with two friends to go on a blind date with three other people of the opposite sex

Mom: Do you get to pick them?

Me: No, you fill out your information, height, age, college etc, and the people behind Grouper (her name is Challen and she’s really nice) choose for you.

Mom: Do you get to pick where you go?

Me: No, we’re told the day before we go

Mom: What if you can’t find the other group?

Me: You tell the host your name and they direct you towards the other group.

Mom: What if you all like the same person? What if you don’t like any of them? What if they’re all weird?

Me: Well, we cross that bridge when we get there.

More questions?

It’s becoming a thing in the city, because it’s a more social way to have awkward first dates with friends to back you up.

So, here’s what happened:

Becky, Amanda and I took a cab down to SoHo where our assigned location was. We wanted to get there first, which we did, so they were the ones looking around for us. All went as planned.

As we waited for our potential Prince Charmings to arrive, we anxiously giggled, while repositioning ourselves, switching places, and setting up the chairs across from us for equal conversation opportunity. There were very few people in the hidden basement lounge. Each group of people that walked in went straight for the bar and away from us.

Finally, two boys walked in. I said aloud, “Haha, imagine if that was them?” It was. One was tall and looked as though he was about 19, the other looked like he had forgotten his sombrero and Mariachi band at home. They went to the bar, spoke with the bartender, and I assume he told them we were their dates. They came over to us. We exchanged handshakes and said our names. I can’t remember either name.

I quickly asked if there was a third joining, perhaps still some hope for the evening? They said, “Yeah, Joey’s always late.” Ok, so Joey would be coming. Let me just note that we had very low expectations for this Friday night event. We looked at it as a pre-game to our night out, and it was just that.

We ordered a few rounds of drinks, then happened to suddenly remember about our friend’s birthday party on the Upper East Side. And her boyfriend just broke up with her. Yeah. Bummer, we had to leave right then and there.

No numbers exchanged, just a few awkward hugs. We walk-ran down the block to get out of sight, and went about the rest of our evening.

In conclusion:

We aren’t ruling out another Grouper, because it was a fun time and we totally discovered a cute new place in SoHo called Jacques. For now, I will let Challen do her thang and see if maybe she can strike us gold next time.

Until then, the girls and I will continue on with our fabulous girl’s night out weekends minus the awkward hugs and countless rounds of never-have-I-ever.

Never have I ever met my future husband on a Grouper. Yet. 😉

xx -S

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