Unintentionally Patriotic | RW&B Style

Dress: Black Fleece by Brooks Brothers, Necklace: Pretty Poppy Boutique, Shoes: Saks OFF5th, Bag: Celine

I got this necklace almost three months ago in Newburyport, MA. It’s sat on my necklace hook in my room just about the entire time; I’ve tried to put it on with outfits here and there, but it just hasn’t worked. Until now.

You might notice that I hardly ever wear white. The reason behind it is because I hate getting things dirty and I hate even more having stains. But since summer is almost over, I decided I’d get at least one wear out of this gem.

Lastly, it wasn’t intentionally patriotic. That only happened when I was running out the door and grabbed my red tote. I suppose there are worse things in life- let’s call it an early Labor Day celebration outfit. 

Have a fabulous week my loves!

By the way, I’ll be heading to the Golden Gate city on Friday- any must-sees? Or must packs?? Eeek!

xx -S

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