Shopping Day in SFO!

And for those of you who don’t know, SFO is San Francisco 🙂

Weather here is quite different than the Big Apple. I was told when I was getting ready in the morning that it would be cold in the city, regardless of the fact that it was already almost 80 at 6am. It is chhhiillyyy down by the bay. For the record- I did not see any watermelons growing.

Speaking of weather changing, my hair changed a few times throughout the way. It started out in a side braid with this fabbb little head chain by Karma for a Cure which is amazing because proceeds go towards brain cancer research. Hottest trend right now if you ask me? Headchains and charities. DUH!

The side braid started bothering me all falling out and such, so it came out later in the afternoon and the beachy wave, humidified hair style came out to play.

SF Shopping Look- Gap tee, Dior jacket, Zara pants and shoes, Karma for a Cure headchain, Armed & Readi necklace, Celine bag

The last stop of the day was, of course, the Golden Gate Bridge. You just can’t go to the Golden State without seeing the golden bridge!! Note: it gets realll windy over there, which meant a quick accessory change. 

Head chain off, statement necklace on. 

AND! Go to Instagram right now and follow @YHMMagazine for my Insta Takeover all day today!

Happy Wednesday!

xx -S

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