Living that SF Life | Alcatraz and Coffee

What day is great if it doesn’t start with coffee? This morning around 6:30, I was asked why I was being so quiet. My response was because I don’t like to talk early in the morning. It’s a fact, don’t try to get me to talk if I haven’t been awake for at least two hours.

Anyways, a great coffee speeds that process up. Not to mention a bright, sparkly necklace and a fresh mani. Ok, I’m awake!!!

The next stop on my SFO tour was Alcatraz. Though I visited over ten years ago (omg, since when am I old enough to reference things from over ten years ago?!), but I didn’t quite have the appreciation that I have for it now.

So naturally, the first picture of my tour was of myself, in a side-room mirror while the rest of my tour ventured around D Block and learned about Al Capone. Yikes.

Next was a stop outside. I had to add the image below because my hair looks unreal. Like, literally doesn’t even look like my hair and it makes me giggle. So, there’s my hair as I bend down, and there’s me with San Francisco behind me. Again, while the wind blows.

Joe’s Jeans sweater, All Saints tee, Vintage skirt, Vince shoes, Chloe bag, Armed & Readi necklace

Finally, a trip on the Muni, which is part of the public transportation here in San Francisco (pictured above from Alcatraz island!). It runs mostly above ground by electric wires overhead. It seems like it transports about a million less people that the subway, but it’s still definitely fab!

 So there you have it, another day with me in SFO!

xx- S

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