Summer Bucket List Successes

Being that we are now full force into fall, and by that I mean dark by 7:30pm and back to hot coffee, there is no better time to recap my summer and what I achieved on my bucket list! Click here for the original post, or just keep reading!


1. Tour a local brewery
Though I didn’t make it to a brewery, I did make it to two vineyards. One in New Hampshire called La Belle and one in Somona, CA called Gundlach Bundschu (respectively below). Both were amazing and definitely made up for the hops I missed.


2. Go to the Jersey Shore
A visit to the Jersey Shore is necessary to be a New Yorker. Or at least to some people. I spent one night, because that is all I felt that I could handle. It was so much fun to experience a new kind of nightlife with lots of muscular men in graphic tees. LOL.





3. Book a trip
Not only did I book it, but I got to go to San Francisco for a while to explore a new city. It was fabulous and is making me crave more of the West Coast in my life!
4. Host a dinner party
With friends as fabulous as mine, hosting a dinner party is a no-brainer. I made a delicious salad with apples, cheddar, dried cranberries, and chicken with roasted asparagus and zucchini. Maybe the next one will be fall themed.
5. Change my hair
I changed up my hair a bit in the beginning of summer. I went to a salon and said that I wanted something like an ombre, but not actually an ombre. I’d say, even though an ombre is an ombre, that my hair came out pretty sweet and was perfect for the summer!

6. Stay up until the sun rises
This one took me all summer, because, well, I’m just not the stay-up-all-night kind of gal anymore. Those days were all used up in college, but I did manage to pull an all-nighter a few weekends ago after a wonderful night out with my friends. Check out this view of the East River during sunrise.
7. Take a cooking class
Sadly, this guy can’t be checked off. I still love cooking and still want to take a class. Maybe it’ll be on my fall/winter list! 🙂
8. Spend a lot of time at Central Park
For sure, I spent a whole lot of time in Central Park this summer. It was almost a weekend ritual to wake up and head to the park with a magazine, nail polish, and my headphones to soak up some rays or just people watch.

9. Rent a sailboat for a day
Thankfully for my little sister turning 11 over the summer, and a weekend getaway to Newport, Rhode Island, we went on a sailboat as a treat for her. The nonstop champagne and gorgeous views were a treat for the rest of us too!
10. Learn to swim
Ok, this one is a little silly. I got some practice. Let’s just say that I was around a few pools this summer and I’m probably better than I was, but I prefer to spend my time like this:
11. Ride bikes in Central Park
With only one wipe out, a few of my best friends and I ventured to the park on a warm Saturday and rented bikes. My wipeout wasn’t too bad; I was holding a water bottle in one hand while only steering with the other. Then lost control and rode onto a curb and fell over. I don’t think I’ll be using the saying that relates to getting back on a bike and remembering how to do something.
12. Make s’mores
This happened on a fab weekend home in New Hampshire. Around a little fire after a few glasses of wine, I decided it was time to make s’mores. So we did.

13. Go to Brooklyn botanical garden
This one will be back on the list for next summer.
14. Find a local ballet studio to relive my childhood
Along with this one..
15. Read a book
When you have a family book club and there’s an 11 year old, the book choice will be based solely around that. Our book of choice was The Giver. I read it when I was in middle school, but it was fun to read then chat about it with my family.
I hope you’ve all had a wonderful summer and I’m looking forward to the fall with you all! 🙂
What do you think, should we all make a Fall Bucket List? After all, there’s no better time than the present to achieve all of the goals you want to set for yourself!
xx -S

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