Living the Junior Life // Kim’s Dorm Room Tour & Tips

Another year means another chance to decorate a completely new space. 
My dorm is my home away from home. 
Because of that, I have to make it as comfy and cute as possible! 

This year, my lovely roommate and I decided to pick out the same comforter and design our spaces around our style.

Here’s a lovely visual tour of where I will be living this fabulous Fall Semester…

I get to wakeup to this beautiful view of the Hudson River every morning. 
This picture does not do the view justice and living on the top floor of my building is totally worth it.

I used an old planner that had these cute sayings as pages to decorate my otherwise boring door. It’s a great way to personalize something you see every single day and also get some daily motivation!

A panorama shot of our room featuring my lovely and amazing bestie Sarah.

I’m a notorious bag hoarder, taking after Stephanie. Like how can you throw out such a cute bag from Henri Bendel’s. You just can’t. I thought it would be totally cute to hang these from door handles in my room. Plus, totally allows for some random storage space right? JK, I just made that up.. but seriously. 

I wanted my desk to serve a space for me to use to study and also hold some of my daily necessities like my makeup (two foundations since I can never find a perfect color). I used a clear flower vase I took from a beautiful event I attended last year at the Wall Street Cipriani to frame my desk. To make it colorful and into what I wanted, I spray painted it gold, bought some fake flowers (.25 cents a piece. Thank you Walmart!), and made a cute arrangement. I have my assortment of reading tabs which is only appropriate for a nerd like me and of course a cheetah print stapler. Isn’t it cute?
 Peep my LTT business cards ❤ 

My closet this year is absolutely huge
This is what it looks like before a busy week takes hold and turns it into a absolute madness. 

I used mini-mason jars I picked up in packs from Walmart over the summer ($5 for 3). I stored my collection of hand sanitizers and nail polishes in some of them. I am obsessed with white nail polish and S bought me this fab color from Essie called Blanc 

I love saving items anywhere I go including the Sugar & Plumm macaroon box. 
My nail polishes found a home in that as well. 

I used some of my lipsticks to decorate my desk even more and so I actually use them. I’m more of a lipgloss kind of gal. I’m trying out lipsticks nowadays and aspire to pull off a red lip like S does on the daily. 

I made sure to hang up my keys and ID so I know where it is at all time. 
Knowing me, I’d lose both in an instant. 

I used the “K” that I made last year once again to monogram my basic wall. My crazy schedule and current savings plan grace my wall as well so that I can stay on track and don’t forget where I need to be (Crazy Weeks = Kim forgetting her schedule). 

I used gold washi tape to frame two of my favorite quotes on my wall. I have an obsession with Christmas lights and love to have them on in my room. I love collecting knick knacks and souvenirs from any fun activities or adventures on the board on my wall and love to see it accumulate throughout the year. I keep my Febreeze close to my bed and love to spray it before I go to bed and just create a very peaceful ambiance before I end my day. 
And yes, I am 20 years old and have a unicorn pillow pet.

Until next time…


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