30 Things I Still Ask My Mom

Being a young, independent girl in the city, there are still things I may still need to call my mom about from time to time. That’s ok, right? Like, does she still ask her mom things?


1. How much laundry soap do I use?
2. What can I put on a bug bite to make it stop itching?
3. What’s the difference between baking soda and baking powder? Can I just use the other one?
4. How do I cook fish?
5. Should I curl my hair today?
6. Do I have a 401K?
7. Is this yogurt bad?

8. Should I buy these shoes?
9. Where can I get bleach?
10. Why is one in a green bottle and one in a blue bottle?
11. How do I clean my couch?
12. How long should I leave the chicken in the oven?
13. Is it weird that I’m so happy today?
14. What kind of insurance do I have?
15. Can I borrow some money?
16. Is this a lot to pay for electricity?
17. What should I do today?
18. What was I like as a baby?
19. Am I your favorite?
20. Will you mail me some of your cookies?
21. Can I borrow those earrings I got you last Christmas?
22. Am I wearing too much jewelry?
23. Should I wear lipstick on my date?
24. Is this healthy?
25. Wanna get coffee?
26. Do I need to go to the doctor for this?
27. Will you just call and make the appointment?
28. Should I get a cat?
29. Am I too old for this?
30. Can I just have some money?

If you think these are all annoying, well you’re just lucky you’re not my mother. But, she is pretty awesome because she always answers my questions completely willingly. 

Thanks ma! You’re the best!

By the way, I hope I’m like you when I’m a mom. I still really don’t think you know what you’re doing, but I guess so far so good! 🙂

Go call your mom and tell her you love her. 

xx -S

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