What’s in my Suitcase? LTT Goes to LA!

Usually when I pack, I just throw separates into my suitcase without much of a plan or thinking about that I’m going to wear. This time, I spent about three nights thinking about it and planning what I’d wear each day since we have the trip completely planned out from day to day.

I made a stop at H&M on my way home from work and before the gym to see if there were any last minute pieces I needed. Of course, I found some. Two skirts, a top and a sweater. Total: $115. Can’t go wrong!

Picking outfits ahead of time is the way to go. Keeping a similar color palette is also important in case you want to mix and match anything from your mini-wardrobe. See below for outfit details.

1. Sachin Babi dress
2. All Saints tee, AG jeans
3. H&M peplum top, maxi skirt
4. H&M sweater and skirt
5. Brandy Melville top, H&M skirt

Can’t forget Halloween details! Have you figured out my costumes yet? If not, you’ll find out soon enough! 🙂

Picture four girls staying in one hotel room. It can definitely get pretty crazy. So when I travel, I always pack my go-to travel bag of everything. I keep it fully stocked in my bathroom cabinet, ready to grab when I need it. I keep most of the items picture above in it at all times, with the exclusion of my Clarisonic, which I don’t travel anywhere without, and It’s a 10 smoothing balm, because I use it everyday.

I packed just about all of my make up because it is Halloween and I’m definitely going for the drama. There’s no other way to do it!

Ok friends, that’s all for now. Hopefully I haven’t forgotten anything, but luckily my friends and I use almost all the same primping things!

Love you all mucho and I’ll see ya on the west coast!

xx -S

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